Violet is a native European wildflower that has been naturalized to the United States and you can see her growing around dwellings, roadsides and forests. The flowers range in color from white to bright yellow to various shades of blue and purple. The leaves and flowers are used medicinally both internally and externally. It is a cooling herb used to treat ailments of the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, skin, lymphatic, immune and female reproductive systems, to name a few. The leaves and flowers are edible and full of nutrition (minerals, ascorbic acid, carotenes and antioxidants). Violet can be used as a tea, long infusion, ointment, poultice, vinegar, honey, and cough syrup. Candied violet flowers are sold commercially, and you can make your own! Follow us on Facebook to see the violet recipes we will share this month. Go out and pick some fresh violet to eat now or you can order the dried herb for long infusions in our products store.

 Fun Facts:

Four states claim violet as their official state flower: Wisconsin, Illinois, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

Violets were the favorite flower of Napoleon.

The Celts steeped flowers in goats milk and used on their faces for smooth soft skin and clear complexions.

Violet infusions/teas traditionally used as a sedative and as a mild laxative. Tea was also cooled and used on diaper rashes, cradle cap, bug bites, varicose veins and skin conditions, and as both an eye wash and a mouth wash.

Leaves used in poultices.

Often made into syrups for use as cough remedies for maladies like bronchitis and other upper respiratory problems.

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